Jacob Bevington

Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.
 ----Helen Keller

Jacob W. Bevington

Jacob BEVINGTON was born on the 22 August 1842, in Richland Township, Holmes County, Ohio. He was the son of Benjamin B. BEVINGTON (1807-1882) and Sarah WOLGAMOTT (1815-1883).  He married Pauline E. ENGLE on 6 February 1873, in Holmes County, Ohio.

After Pauline's death in 1895 he apparently did some traveling.  In 1900 he was working as a carpenter in Kansas City, Missouri.  By 1910 he was living with his son, Ernest, in Summit County, Ohio. 

On 16 November 1910, he married Diana Marsh in Summit County, Ohio.   She was born 24 February 1847 in Pennsylvania; the daughter of Daniel STETLER and Rachel CRAMMER.

Jacob died 17 July 1919, in Canton, Stark County, Ohio. --obit--

Pauline E. Engle

Pauline was born 17 March 1854, in Holmes County, Ohio; She was the daughter of John ENGLE; and Barbara (last name unknown).  She died 30 March 1895, in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.         --obit--


  1. Charles P. BEVINGTON (1873-1950) married Sadie L. Brooks (1874-1965) --obit--old fashioned baby carriage
  2.  Clarence Guy BEVINGTON (1875-1959) married Jessie WOOD (1878-1956)
  3. Unknown female BEVINGTON (born 22 May 1876) in Holmes County, Ohio; apparently died before the 1880 census.
  4. Otto G. BEVINGTON (born 1877) apparently died before 1880 census.
  5. Royal "Roy" Winfield BEVINGTON (1878-1965) married Mary (1868-before 1965)
  6. Ernest Oscar BEVINGTON (1881-1962) married Bertha Bell HISSONG (1887-1967)
  7. Maud Madge BEVINGTON (1884-1968) married Guy B. CASTOR (1879-1917). Maud & Guy's Photo Album
  8. Macy L Bevington (1887-1981) married Richard G. MASON
  9. Hazel F. BEVINGTON (1891-1953)
  10. Jacob and his family are found on the following censuses:

    • 1850 census for Richland Township, Holmes County, Ohio
    • 1860 census, Monroe Township, Knox County
    • 1880 census for Salt Creek, Wayne County, Ohio
    • 1900 census for Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
    • 1910 census for Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, Ohio

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