Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.  
----Helen Keller

The Boyd's

The Boyd family is said to have had its start in Scotland. Family stories say they were descended from King Kennith III of Scotland. They migrated, looking for a better life, first to Ireland and then to America. Three Boyd men with their families settled on Marsh Creek, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1729. The men were Thomas BOYD (c 1710-c 1759), William BOYD (c 1705-1767), and John BOYD (c 1720- ). It is presumed that Thomas and William were brothers and that John was a son of William. They came to this country with a strong Presbyterian faith and many of their descendants became Presbyterian ministers.

William Boyd  Sr.

William Boyd  Sr. was born in Ireland about 1705; died in 1767.  He married Margaret whose last name is unknown. They had eight known children.

Thomas Boyd

Thomas Boyd was born in Ireland about 1710; died about 1759. He married Rebecca whose last name is unknown. They had five known children:  Click William Sr. for more information.

  1. William BOYD married about 1774 to Elizabeth
  2. Elizabeth Boyd born circa  1746
  3. Jean Boyd born circa 1748
  4. Rebecca Boyd born circa 1751, died in 1781, married Richard Parker circa 1773
  5. Andrew Boyd born circa 1753, died before 1808, married Mary

John Boyd

John Boyd was born about 1720 in Ireland.  He married Jean MCPHERSON in 1742 in York County, Pennsylvania; died about 1771. They had two known children:

  1. Janet Boyd born before 1767 in Pennsylvania.
  2. Margaret Boyd born before 1767 in Pennsylvania.

Much of the Boyd information is from the book, Boyd, compiled by Scott Lee Boyd and published in 1935 by Book Division, Haynes Corporation in Los Angeles

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