Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.  
----Helen Keller

The Castor's

The Castor name has gone through many changes since Paulus KUSTERS came over from Germany about 1700.  His descendants are known as KUSTER, KOSTER, CUSTER, KUSTERD, KESTER, CUSTARD, KUSTARD, KISTARD, KISTER, GERSTER, CASTER, CASTOR, KASTER, KASTOR, KIESTER, KOESTER, AND KEISTER, and others. We can trace out pedigree back to 1515 infamily history sign Kaldenkirchen, German

Our America history starts with Paulus KUESTERS (1644-1707)--- who married Gertrude DOORS (circa 1645-1707). They married 16 October 1666 at the Reformed Church in Kaldenkirchen, Rheinland, Germany.  They migrated from Germany between 1696-1700 with three sons--Arnold, Johannes, and Hermanus. They came to find religious freedom for their Quakers faith in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Paulus had nine known children.

Their son, my ancestor, was Arnold Kuesters.  He  was born about 1669 in Kaldenkirchen; died in December 1739.  He is buried in Manatawney Mennonite Cemetery in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  He married Gertrut Conrads about whom little is known.  Their son, Conrad CUSTER (1695-1772) became my fifth great-grandfather. After the death of Gertrut, Arnold married Rebecca and had seven more known children.

Their family history and descendants have been well documented.  Most of this information comes from the book, The Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters, compiled, written and published by The Castor Association of America, Jean M. White, editor. Information on this book can be found at   The Castor Association Website.

One of the best known descendent of this family is General George Armstrong CUSTER of Custer's Last Stand.

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