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Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.  
----Helen Keller

Dr. Gordon Tobias Castor

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Dr. Gordon Tobias CASTOR was born on 13 Aug 1906. He was the son of Guy B. Castor (1879-1917) and Maud Madge Bevington (1884-1968). His father died when he was young and Gordon was sent to live with the James BENTON family in Savannah, Ashland County, Ohio.  He spoke often of his boyhood in Ashland County. Once while he was riding his pony, he rode into the middle of a Klu-Klux-Klan meeting. They told him to ride and ride he did--fast! HeFamily of Gordon & Lena Castor enjoyed going to the movies. In those days, for a nickel you could get a ticket and sit there all day watching the movie over and over again.

 Gordon graduated from Savannah Academy, Savannah, Ashland County, Ohio in 1926 and then graduated from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 1931 with a degree in Veterinarian Medicine. He earned his way through school by working in the college cafeteria. He was a country veterinarian the rest of his life. Times were hard when he started out and he was frequently paid in produce or live stock. On the 31 May 1933, in New Castle, Pennsylvania, he married Lena Louise Donohue.

Lena Louise Donohue

 She was the daughter of Reuben Ellis DONAHUE (1880-b1940) and Della Mae SHIELDS (1880-1954) . She was born in Cottageville, Jackson County, West Virginia on 14 Aug 1908. She had been married and divorced from Frederick CULLER before she married Gordon.

The family lived in Ashland, Ohio, until about 1941 when they moved to Waupaca, Wisconsin. They lived for awhile in a house on Lake Street, and then they moved out to a 350 acre farm. The farm was a great place to live. The children had a pony, and there were horses, cows, sheep, and pigs. They also had a cottage on the Chain of Lakes and Lena and the kids spent their summers there. Gordon would spend the week-ends with them. They lived in Wisconsin until about 1949. That year there was still snow on the ground on Memorial Day.  At that point Lena decided a move to a warmer place was needed.

 The family then moved to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. There, Lena and Gordon remained until their death. They both died in Holzer Hospital, Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio; Gordon on 8 Sep 1966 --obit-- and Lena on 16 Sep 1968. --obit-- They are both buried at Kirkland Memorial Garden near Point Pleasant, in Mason County, West Virginia. Gordon and Lena had four children:

  1. Lola Margaret Castor (Living)
  2. Robert Lyle CASTOR  born 8 Feb 1936; died 11 Jul 2003. He was vice-president of a First National Bank and owned  his rental store, Taylor Rental, in Crown Point, Indiana.  
  3. Marcia Mae CASTOR born 30 May 1937; died 21 Mar 1997. For many years until her death, Marcia owned and operated The Blue Tartan Bar and Grill in Middleport, Meigs County, Ohio. --obit--
  4. Guy Ellis Castor (Living)

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