Guy B. Castor

Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.  
----Helen Keller

Guy Castor

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Guy B. CASTOR was born 31 Aug 1879 in Green Township, Ashland County, Ohio.  He was the son of Edward Castor and Mary Boyd. Both of his parents were born and raised in Ashland County, Ohio.shade tree

Guy married Maud Madge BEVINGTON on 24 June 1903 in Stark County, Ohio. She was an attractive women with a strong personality.

Guy died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 21 February 1917 in Logansport, Indiana. He and his family were living in Hammond, Indiana, at that time.

Maud Madge Bevington

Maud Madge Bevington was born 16 Jun 1884 in Sugar Creek, Wayne County, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Jacob BEVINGTON (1842-1919) and Pauline "Polena" ENGLE (1854-1895). After the death of Guy Castor she married Emile HERDLIKCA. He was the building superintendent of the Canton Art Institute. They lived in the Institute for many years. She died on 23 Aug 1968 in Stark County, Ohio.

Guy and Maud had three daughters and a son. 

  1. Thelma CASTOR was born 18 May 1904.  She married James PENNELL circa 1935.  They  had one daughter, Connie PENNELL, born about 1937.  Thelma died in Canton, Stark County, Ohio on 31 Mar 1970.
  2. Gordon Tobias CASTOR (1906-1966)
  3. Ruth Ione CASTOR was born on 01 Nov 1907. After her father's death, Ruth was raised by the William HENRY family in Savannah, Ashland County, Ohio.  He was a  former mayor of of Savannah. She married William Louise GAUME  on 25 Dec 1928 and had one daughter, Jacqueline GAUME. Unfortunately, Jackie contacted  multiple sclerosis and died shortly after she married. Ruth died on 16 Oct 2001 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.
  4. Margaret Zada "Peg" CASTOR was born on 24 May 1909. She married Elmer MARTIN 14 May 1945 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.  She owned and operated the Rice Gift Shop in Canton. She had no children. She died on 11 Feb 1996, in Ohio.  

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