Joseph Donohue

Generations Past

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Joseph Donohue

Immigrant Unknown

The oldest known Donahue of my line is Joseph DONOHO. He was born before 1730 probably in Delaware. He married sometime after 1755 to a lady named Rachel and they took up house-keeping in Duck Creek Hundred, Newcastle County, Delaware. Among their acquaintances were Benjamin and William Cleaver, Edward Skidmore (the brother-in-law of Jonas Friend who was already settled in Virginia) and probably Jesse Hamilton. This group of neighbors along with others migrated from Delaware to Augustafort County, Virginia in 1772. They later moved on to Harrison County, Virginia which later became Randolph County, West Virginia.

According to Warren Skidmore, four of the men from Delaware: William CLEAVER, Edward SKIDMORE, Joseph DONOHO, and Jesse HAMILTON entered into a partnership with Jonas FRIEND to purchase 1000 acres of land at the mouth of Leading Creek. They built Friend’s Fort soon after. The Fort was needed to protect the near-by residents from Indian attacks. This fort is listed under West Virginia Forts:

Jonas Friend's Fort
(1772 - unknown), near Elkins, WV
A settlers' fort located at "Maxwell's Ferry" on Leading Creek. It was attacked by Indians in 1781.

For more information on Friend’s Fort visit:

Joseph and Rachel had at least four children.

  1. William Donahue (1756-abt 1831) married circa 1777 unknown; married circa 1880 Ingra Kittle (abt 1777-abt 1831).
  2. John Donahue (born abt 1757) married 1794 to Mary Wilmoth.
  3. Joseph Donahue, Jr. (1762-1799) married 1797 to Elizabeth Wilmoth, born 1799.
  4. Matthew Donahue (born abt 1773) no record of  marriage.

Joseph and his family are found on the first United States Federal Census of 1790 for Harrison County, Virginia.  Listed with ten white souls, and one building.

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