Reuben Smith Donahue

Generations Past

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Reuben Smith Donohue

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My great-grandfather was Reuben Smith DONAHUE.  He was born 26 November 1842 at School House Run in Mason County, West Virginia; the son of Hiram Donohue (1805-1886) and Lydia SMITH (1820-1901).  He was named after his maternal grandfather, Reuben Smith.

Reuben was a veteran of the Civil War.  On 1 December 1861, he joined Company C, 9th West Virginia Volunteers Infantry also known as Boyd's Virginia Militia. He was wounded in the mouth at Cloyd's Mountain and in the knee at Cedar Creek.  He was captured at Cedar Creek and held for four months in a confederate prison camp. He was discharged in 1865 at Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio.chest

He married Mary B. JACOBS on 24 August 1865 in Jackson County, West Virginia.  She was the daughter of Henry and Roseanna Jacobs. She was born 16 January 1848 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania; died 30 October 1866.  They were married 14 months.

On the 3 April 1867, he married Dorothy Isabelle ROLLINS. Dorothy was born in 1848 and died in 1911. She was the daughter of Cyrus H. ROLLINS ( c1828-1864) a union soldier who was killed fighting during the Civil War on Peter’s Mountain in Monroe County, Virginia (now WV). Her mother was Sarah ROUSH (1832-1891) who was born after her parents floated down the Ohio River to the mouth of Tombleson Run in Mason County, Virginia (WV). He and Dorothy had eight children:

  1. Lily Alena Donohue (1868-1941); married John Williams ROUSH (1860-1906) her second cousin on 14 May 1884.
  2. Mary "Lettie" Donohue (1869-1940); married John George SCHWARTZ (1868-1942).
  3. Jessie McClure Donohue, Sr. (1871-1926); married Elizabeth Cordelia CLICK (1876-1922).
  4. Julius McKnight Donohue (1874-1949); married Mary Lettie Roush (1877-1983).
  5. Homer Franklin Donohue, Sr. (1876-1953); married Amanda Ella SAYRE (1879-1942) then Mary Rowena Sayre (1877-1945)
  6. Cyrus Hopkins Donohue (1878-1946); married Flora Jean King (1879-1913) then Virginia Redman (born abt 1883).
  7. Reuben Ellis Donohue (1880-1940); married Bertha Francis King (born 1881) then Della Mae Shields (1880-1954).
  8. Martha Mayoma Donohue (born 1883); married Charles HAYMAN (1874-after 1930)

After Dorothy's death in 1911, Reuben married Harriet Waggoner (1852-1912).  It was not a happy marriage and they separated.  He died of Tuberculosis on 21 November 1921 in Jackson County, West Virginia.  He had been living with his son, Jessie, and son, George, lived next door.

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