William Donohue

Generations Past

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William Donohue

William DONOHUE was born about 1756 probably in Delaware. He came to Virginia with his family as a young boy. He married an unknown women about 1777 and had two daughters:

  1. Mary "Polly" Donohue (1778-1879) married 1809 to Jacob Eli WILSON; married 1825 to David O'NAIL (born 1776).
  2. Susan Lucinda Donohue (born 1779) married 1815 to John FLANIGAN (1787 -1870).trunk with bible


He remarried about 1880 to Ingra Kittle. Little is known about her. She was born between 1775-1780 and died after 1831 in Mt. Alto, Jackson County, Virginia (now WV). William died before 1810 in Randolph County, Virginia.  Ingra is listed as the head of the house on the 1810-1830 censuses.  William and Ingra had seven known children.

  1. Rachel Donohue (1793-abt 1880) was married in 1820 to Peter SHIELDS, 3rd (1794-1851).
  2. Nancy Donohue (born 1801) twin of Sarah.
  3. Sarah Donohue (1801-1865) married circa 1815 to Daniel Shields (born 1795) married circa 1728 to Samuel WILLIAMS (abt 1797).
  4. Eda "Edy" Donohue (born abt 1803) married circa 1820 to John Shields (1789-1878).
  5. Hiram Donohue (1805-1886) married 1826 to Mary JACO (1809-1836) married 1839 to Lydia SMITH (1820-1901).
  6. Stewart Donohue (1807-1862) married 1839 to Adeline McPHERSON (abt 1818-1889).  Stewart was a private in the 9th Westhouse Virginia Infantry. He was accidentally shot by Home Guard as a suspected deserter on 10 Nov 1862. He died two days later. Click to read: LEGEND OF THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN OF DONOHUE'S LANE.
  7. Temperance Donohue (born 1808) married 1830 to Jonas FRIEND (born 1804).

William and Ingra's family are found on the following censuses:

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