Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.
 ----Helen Keller

Robert Harvey Thompson

Robert Harvey Thompson was known as Harvey or Harve.  I have been able to find out very little about him.   The 1910 census is the only census in which I could find him.  His marriage license states his parents were F.M. Thompson and Elizabeth from Giles County, Virginia. He married Emma T. Vaught on 26 February 1889 in Giles County, Virginia.  He was 21 years old. Which would mean he was born about 1868. His residence and birth place were listed as Giles County, Virginia and his occupation was farming.

Emma T. Vaught

Emma remains another mystery.  The wedding license states that she is the daughter of Riley H. Vaught.  No mother is listed.  The license says she is 25 years old which would mean she was born about 1864 but her gravestone says she was born 26 February 1858 and died 20 November 1918. She is buried in the Vaught Cemetery in Spruce Run, Giles County, VA.  Her stone states that she is the wife of R. H. Thompson,

Harvey and Emma had three known children:

  1. Mary Myrtle Thompson (1891-ca 1955) married Efford Oran Wysong.
  2. Kate C. Thompson (born ca 1894)
  3. Arthur Francis Thompson (1897-1971) married 1st Nancy Alice Varney; 2nd Lelia Estep.

After the death of Emma, Robert married Mary B. Criner (circa 1901-1975) in about 1920.  They had seven known children:

  1. Andrew Thompson born circa 1921 in Virginia
  2. John H. Rhompaon born circa 1922 in Virginia
  3. Fred H. Thompson born circa 1924  in Virginiania
  4. William S. Thompson born circa 1926 in Virginia
  5. Evelyn Thompson born circa 1929 in Virginia
  6. Lois Thompson born circa 1931 in Virginia
  7. Kenneth Thompson born circa 1938 in Virginia

 Harvey's family is found on the following census:


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