AlexanderVarney and Susannah Runyon

Generations Past

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Alexander Varney & Susannah Runyon

Alexander Varney, son of John and Betsy Hunter VARNEY, was born in Bedford County, Virginia about 1797 and died after 1870 in Logan County, WV. He married Susannah RUNYON, known as Susie, on 17 Oct 1819. She was the daughter of John Runyon (c1761-c1840) and Elizabeth RUNNER (b1767-?). Susannah was born 1797 in Virginia and died 10 Aug 1852 in Pike County, Kentucky. After Susannah’s death Alexander married Susan PAYNE on 2 Jan 1853. She was born about 1795 and died about 1857. Given the birthplaces of their children they must have moved several times between West Virginia and Kentucky. Alexander and Susannah had twelve children:

  1. John Varney born (c1816-b1880) in Pike County, Kentucky; married Anna ROMANS (c1817-a1880) in 1833.
  2. Henry C. Varney, Sr. born 15 Sep 1817 in Virginia and died 24 Apr 1886; married Jane Yantas McNEELY(1823-1893) before 1842.
  3. Andrew Varney born 28 Jul 1819 in Logan County, Virginia and died 27 May 1886; married Nancy RUTHERFORD on 01 March 1838.
  4. Francis “Franklin” Varney was born about 1820 in Logan County, Virginia and died about 1871; married Polly WILLIAMSON on 17 Mar 1839 in Pike County, Kentucky.
  5. Sarah “Sally” Varney was born about 1823 in Virginia and died in Braxton County, West Virginia; married John WHITE.
  6. Adron Varney was born 1825 in Virginia and died in Feb 1906; married Lucy WEBB.
  7. Mahulda Jane Varney was born 1827 in Pike County, Kentucky; died Feb 1870 in Logan County, West Virginia;
  8. Martha Jane “Jennie” Varney was born about 1829 in Virginia and died after 1870 in Logan County, West Virginia.
  9. Madison Varney was born Mar 1830 in Kentucky and died Jan 1908 in Kentucky married Plata STATON.
  10. Asa H. Varney was born about 1833 in Virginia; died before 1900; married Abisha MURPHY on 22 Aug 1888.
  11. Carolina Matilda Varney was born about 1836 in Kentucky and died before 1860; married Thomas HUNT in 1853.
  12. Celia Varney was born about 1837 in Virginia; married James WHITE.

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