Henry Varney and Jane Yantus McNeely

Generations Past

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors and no slave who has not had a king among his.
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Henry C. Varney

Henry Clinton VARNEY, Senior, was the son of Alexander Varney and Susannah RUNYON. He was born 15 Sep 1817,, in what was then Logan County, Virginia. He married Jane Yantus McNEELY before 1842. He died 24 Apr 1896, in Mingo County, WV. 

Jane Yantus McNeely

Jane Yantus McNeely was born 9 May 1823, in Virginia. She was the daughter of John McNeely and Polly DEMPSEY; she died on 24 May 1893. Henry and Jane are both buried in Varney Cemetery, Ragland, Mingo County, West Virginia. They had twelve children. All of their children were born in what became Mingo County, West Virginia.

  1. Matilda Jane Varney born about 1844. In about 1863; she married Ira Lewis FARLEY who was born circa 1843. She died 2 Jul 1872, in Logan County, WV.
  2. Sarah Ann Varney born 1846. On 31 May 1860, she married Edward “Ned” CHAFIN who was born about 1843 and died before 1893. In May of 1893, she married Lewis SHEPPARD.
  3. Emily Varney was born about 1848. About 1868, she married Adam “Add” RUNYON. He was the son of Alexander Runyon and Sarah STARR. He was born about 1850 and died between 1892 and 1900. Emily died after 1900.
  4. Alex Varney was born after 1850. He died either in childhood or early manhood and never married.
  5. Jane “Polly” Varney was born about 1851. About 1868, she married Alexander OOTIN who was the son of William Ooten and Polly Runyon. He was born about 1848 and died after 1910. Polly died after 1910.
  6. Mahulda “Huldy” Varney was born 14 Jun 1852. She married John “Lewis” Chafin who was the son of Pleasant Chafin and Mary “Polly” CHAPMAN.
  7. Lelah Ann Varney was born 6 Oct 1855 and died before 1860.
  8. Celia Varney was born about 1856 and died young. She never married.
  9. Nancy Jane Varney was born 15 Oct 1857. She married Nathaniel “Nathan” Chafin who was the son of Pleasant Chafin and Mary “Polly” Chapman.
  10. Visa Catherine Varney was born 15 Sep 1860. She married John P. JUSTICE in Logan County on 5 Feb 1876. He was born 24 Dec 1852, and died 12 Feb 1927. She died 9 Jan 1904, in Ragland, Mingo County. WV.
  11. Lorenzo Dow Varney was born 5 Aug 1863. He married Roxie Chafin on 3 Mar 1892, in Logan County, WV. He died on 29 Oct 1944.
  12. Lewis Varney was born 30 Sep 1865.  He married Elizabeth "Betty" FARLEY (1867-1913) on 16 Feb 1883. She was the daughter of Thomas Benton Farley and Nancy Jane PINSON. He died 19 March 1953.

Lorenzo and Lewis inherited the home place. My understanding is that there was a road that ran through the property. Lorenzo took one side of the road and Lewis the other. Lewis was born, raised his family, and died there.

Henry and/or his family can be found on the following censuses:

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